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Eliminate weed and algae problems in your pond

Diatomix brings you a natural method to keep your water healthy and oxygenated. Diatomix will control floating weeds, algae, bad odours and prevent fish kills.

Keeping Your Water Healthy

Reducing ammonia, nitrate and phosphate gets rid of issues with algae and water weeds. Managing water health has never been easier.


Toxic and Harmful algae blooms are becoming more prolific. Blue-green Algae blooms will become bigger and more frequent if you don’t manage your lagoon, pond or dam.

Fish Kills and Algae Blooms

The extent and frequency of fish kills in a pond, lake or dam depends on the level of algae and organic matter in the water. Active management is key to avoiding fish kills.

Animal Friendly

Diatomix is the very best, natural way to restore and maintain a healthy balance in your pond.  A properly balanced pond has no algae or weed problems, with clear oxygenated water.  Safe for you, your family and all your animals.

Diatomix is highly concentrated, to ensure we keep our environmental footprint very small, using less packaging and lower freight costs.

There are no harmful ingredients in Diatomix so it is safe to use and store, the only requirement is that you remember to give the bottle a really good shake prior to use.

A natural way to clean your pond

Garden ponds can be difficult to keep free of weed and problem algae, (e.g. blue-green algae, string algae, azolla, duckweed), but with Diatomix the solution is easy, safe and also very cost effective. One litre of Diatomix Garden Pond, will keep an average sized pond ( less than 10m2 ), free of problem weed and algae for up to one year.  And your fish and frogs will love it too!

Diatomix IV

AUD $275.00 incl. GST

Garden Pond

AUD $109.00 incl. GST


AUD $275.00 incl. GST

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Natural – Sustainable – No Poisons
The Future of Healthy Water Management

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Liz- Rosemont
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Hi, I was so skeptical about putting in such a small amount of the liquid you sent us into the dam, but holy cow in 4 weeks it’s the best looking dam in our street. It’s astounding the transformation, we just love it. You guys are geniuses and we thank you so much for the awesome product Kind regards, Liz
Ian U.
Sunshine Coast.
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We contacted AlgaEnviro due to concerns with the health of our two small dams. There was minimal apparent water borne life visible and both the wild ducks and our dog that once swam in the dams, no longer did so. My wife had read about Diatomix in the local newspaper and we purchased their product, using it pretty much according to AlgaEnviro’s directions. After a month or so, water borne life and water clarity began improving and now several months later the dam water is very clear, water borne life abounds and both the dog and ducks are back swimming in the dams.
Alan L.
Auckland NZ
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Our pond is fed by runoff, mainly from paddocks, and is frequented by wild life such as ducks. Consequently, we have struggled with the effects of algal growth and blooms. Since the volume of water ranges up to 500㎥ and the existence of sensitive wild life such as eels preclude the use of chemical solutions or the use of barley grasses/extracts, we sought a means of keeping the pond algae free. We have achieved some limited success by building swales and planting gross feeding plants. When we learned of Diatomix, we trialled the product and found the effect to be better than we imagined. Within months, the water has cleared substantially and the quality is significantly improved.

How to Use & How Much?

We recommend for garden ponds up to 10 square metres (e.g. 5 metres long and 2 metres wide) put 5mL – yes only 1 teaspoon of Diatomix, in your pond three times a week. This is just $1.50 per week.

To ensure better coverage in your pond it is best to mix the recommended dose of Diatomix in a container with some pond water, then throw scoopfuls of this across your pond. Avoid getting it on top of any weeds as it needs to be in the pond water.