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Garden Pond (VIC)

This pond was pretty awful before being treated with Diatomix

The water in this pond was murky and it was hard to see the fish.  Within weeks of treatment with Diatomix Garden Pond, the fish were on show and the water was improving every day.

Large Garden Pond (SA)

This beautiful recirculating pond had issues with filamentous algae throughout the system.

Using Diatomix IV was the best solution for this larger pond to get rid of the algae and create beautiful clear water. Now it is a stunning showpiece!

Small dam in a great garden (QLD)

This pond had issues with Azolla, a native fern that floats on the surface. 

The Azolla covered this large pond (50 m x 30 m) and you couldn’t see the water or the hundreds of wonderful fish.  Diatomix Concentrate did the trick and cleaned this pond up in a number of weeks.  From a carpet of weed to clear water!!

Raw Water (Drinking water Storage Dam - VIC)

Diatomix works in all sorts of sites. 

Diatomix is so safe that it is used to treat drinking water storages, keeping toxic blue-green algae away.  Diatomix is safe to use in any waterbody, including our drinking water!

Aquaculture (QLD)

Fish farms often have high nutrient levels that cause issues like duckweed. 

This farm used Diatomix Concentrate to get rid of their duckweed, blue-green algae and Cabomba weed problems.  Diatomix did all this, and helped increased the dissolved oxygen in the water to keep the fish healthy!  An absolute win all round for the farmer!

Natural and Treatment Wetlands (NSW)

Wetlands are often used to absorb nutrients from stormwater run-off, to improve the quality of treated water and in many natural systems.

There are all sorts of water weeds and types of algae that can accumulate in a wetland when the balance is all wrong.  Using Diatomix Concentrate to correctly balance the micronutrients with the nitrogen and phosphorus helps a wetland to function better and stay healthy.  This can help a wetland stay healthier for longer before any replanting is required.