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Eliminate Blue-Green Algae

Blue-Green algae are a bit different from other algae like the diatoms and the green algae. Their cell structure is more like bacteria than like plants, and this is why they are classed with the word bacteria in their proper name Cyanobacteria. They grow in all types of water from fresh to sea water, with all the slightly salty waters (brackish) as well.

There are a couple of differences between a diatom and a blue-green algae bloom. The first is that there are many more species of toxic cyanobacteria that cause problems. With diatoms, only the species, Pseudo-nitzschia australis, is likely to cause a toxic bloom. The most important differences is that with a diatom bloom of any kind, when the cells die they settle to the bottom of the pond or dam so the surface remains clear for oxygen exchange, whilst at the bottom of the pond the water may become anaerobic (no oxygen) as the dead cells decompose. 

When many other algae blooms die, including the cyanobacteria, they float to the surface and begin to decompose. The anaerobic conditions of decomposition also occur, but this time it happens at the top, so no oxygen exchange can occur. At night when no algae are producing oxygen through photosynthesis the levels of dissolved oxygen can go dangerously low and this is when fish kills may occur. There is more information on fish kills on this US site. To find out about ordering Diatomix to manage your water and remove or prevent toxic and other algae blooms, contact us on through the Sales page.

The floating dead algae from a toxic algae bloom that can cause fish kills