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Questions and Answers

Diatomix is a liquid that contains ten micronutrients and silica.  Diatomix is available in 1 L and 5 L bottles.  

Diatomix creates the opportunity for the diatoms present in the water to grow rapidly and out-compete algae, for example, blue-green algae (also called cyanobacteria), filamentous algae (string algae), and problem floating water weeds (azolla, duckweed, cabomba, salvinia) for the polluting nitrogen and phosphorus. The end result is that the problem algae and weed starve and die away, leaving clear healthy water.

Diatomix is specially formulated to only feed the naturally occurring diatoms in your pond.  Diatoms take up nitrogen and phosphorus that are polluting the water, which is the cause of problem algae and weed.  Diatoms grow faster than these problem algae and weed, out-competing them for these nutrients.

Any natural or artificial water body, for example garden ponds,  natural swimming pools, farm dams, aquaculture, wetlands and lakes.

Naturally occurring, microscopic diatoms are the first step in a very long food chain, and are a favourite food of zooplankton. These zooplankton, tiny animals, some of which are too small to see with the naked eye, are the favourite food of small fish and insect larvae. So the nitrogen and phosphorus that the diatoms absorbed move up the food chain.

In comparison, blue-green algae are not a good food source for zooplankton and fish, so when the blue-green algae bloom nothing eats them, and the population keeps growing until there are so many of them that they run out of nutrients and then most of them die at once. When the blue-green algae die they all rot at once, making the water toxic and fish can die in large numbers, and it can be toxic to touch or drink as well.

Because diatoms are constantly being grazed by the zooplankton, the diatom population is growing and being eaten at the same time. 

Diatoms produce oxygen to increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen for fish and animals in the water.  

No.  With diatoms being a food source for so many animals in the water, they are continually being eaten, so their numbers never get out of hand.

Your fish will benefit greatly from using Diatomix.  

In nature diatoms and zooplankton provide 50 to 75% of the food for finfish and crustaceans in ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans. Using Diatomix to improve the numbers of diatoms present in the water means more natural food for your fish.

NO! Diatomix is made up of high quality ingredients, all of which are naturally found in water.  Diatomix has been used in a wide range of environments, including garden ponds, natural swimming pools, fish and prawn farms, drinking water storages, farm dams and a range of other sites across Australia and New Zealand since 2014 with happy customers.

Diatomix is manufactured by AlgaEnviro, which is proudly owned and operated in Australia.