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How to Use & How Much?

We recommend for garden ponds up to 10 square metres* (e.g. 5 metres long and 2 metres wide) use about 15mL weekly. YES!
For best results add about 5mL (1 teaspoon) of Diatomix three times a week.

To ensure better coverage in your pond it is best to mix the recommended dose of Diatomix in a bucket with some pond water, then throw scoopfuls of this across your pond. Avoid getting on top of the weeds as it needs to be in the water.

Remember that Diatomix is a special formulation of silica and 10 vital nutrients for the diatoms already in your pond, to help them to grow and replicate, so just like us, they need regular (2-3 times per week) nourishment to thrive.

*If your pond is larger than 10 m2 we recommend Diatomix Concentrate. To calculate the correct dose, check out this page.

How Does Diatomix Work?

Diatomix is formulated to only feed the naturally occurring diatoms in your pond. 


What are diatoms? They are microscopic algae that are found in freshwater, sea water and in soils!

When the diatoms in your pond are fed Diatomix they replicate up to three times faster than the problem algae and nuisance floating water weeds. Diatoms take up the nitrogen and phosphorus that cause the problems in your pond, starving out the problem algae and weeds, restoring a healthy water balance.  

Diatomix is a unique way to shift polluting nitrogen and phosphorus into the food web, and clean up your water.

Can I have too many diatoms? No! Because diatoms are at the beginning of the food web, they get eaten by all sorts of tiny animals, like zooplankton, fish and insect larvae, snails etc. A healthy food web means more food for frogs and fish.

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